The work

So what the hec does this "barking up the wrong tree? Signify?"
Well, first of all, we are all of us inclined to judging ourselves much harsher
than anyone else would; even somebody who truly dislikes us.
This constant trial we hold in our own bodies could be described a regular
civil war. Fearfulness, low self-esteem, a lack of energy and a joyless life is
the only thing we can gain from all that.
Further on, we all have - with the best intentions in mind - been well taught
to give our full attention to everything that could be dangerous, threathening
or simply just could go wrong. This stems from don´t go near the hot stove,
don´t ride the bicycle in the heavy traffic, always look twice before crossing
the street, no you can´t fly jumping off the roof holding a sheet!
As I already pointed out, with the best intentions in we won´t kill
ourselves or injure ourselves badly in anyway when we are little kiddies. But
the long-term result of this is terrified people, anxious people, worried
people; people who let fear control their lives.
This is something we can get rid of. Step one is to be aware of the fact that
the fear isn´t real. That we spend a fair number of our waking hours listening
to the negativity that surrounds us...and give very little notice to the things
we actually have in our lifes: positive things, well-funcioning and joyful
The more time and energy we spend on worrying or fretting about some specific
catastrophy that might possibly happen to us, the more we have insured that
that thing will actually  happen to us.
Why? Because we have invested enough energy and thought into it to ensure it!
What if we invest all that time and energy in something positive instead?
Something we really want to attract to our life; something that could make our
lives richer in one way or another?
We can all break the habit of constantly giving our attention to the negative
things in our lives.