The body and emotions

OK: Let´s press on with what the things are that make our bodies hold us back.
First of all, fear, obviously. Our body doesn´t want it. It urges us to get
rid of it. Fear is poisonous and checks all the things we want in life from
coming through to us.The next thing is anger; as our angry emotions go from
giving us an adrenalin rush to boosts us to act to creating a permanent
condition in our bodies; by the way, the same thing can happen to sadness as
well as frustration.
So we shouldn´t have any emotions then, you ask?
Absolutely, we are to feel all the emotions that belongs to a human being...but
we shouldn´t keep any of these emotions inside of our bodies, stored away,
thereby inviting ill health and failure into all our objectives and plans.
We must learn to let go, not of our memories or of the loss of our loved ones,
but of the pain and frustration that are a part of all those experiences.
Constantly reminding ourselves of past failures or disappointments gives us
really bad odds to achieve any positive things in our lives. All it does is
bring us back to the above mentioned internal civil war situation.
By constantly standing with one foot in the past (dwelling on things we used to
have or things we didn´t do) and the other in the future we want... we refrain
from existing here and now, in the present time, and we throw away every
possibility to make the changes we want in our lifes with both hands.
We not only find ourselves in a very uncomfortable split, we also seem never to
get on with our lives.