Furthermore there´s the little matter of our destructive patterns, which, if we
are the owners of such things, also live in our bodies.
Most of us are the unproud owners of at least one destructive pattern, usually
concerning our relationships or our money. With certainty we have inheritated
them from our parents, extremely unfair, true, but unfortunately it doesn´t
change the fact that they are there.
Now, don´t misunderstand me, neither our parents or our grandparents did in
anyway want us to inherite these patterns. They got them the same way themselves
and usually don´t even know that they have them!
Whatever we, or in this case they, carried around inside was passed on to us-
and we will, in our turn, pass it on to our children, should we choose not to
do anything about it.
It´s, as I said earlier, extremly unfair, but it´s up to each generation to
either break their inherited patterns or to not do so.
OK. Not any of my clients have started to dance with joy when hearing these
news about their destructive pattern (and I didn´t dance either when I was
informed of the ones I had) but accepting the fact that they´re there and
grasping the consequens of that is the first and most important step on the
path of getting rid of them!
How do you recognize a destructive pattern?
Well, if all your relationships fail because of the same issues; if all your
partners seem to be secretive twins-you have a destructive pattern and as long
as it´s in place you will continue to meet partners who will bring the same
problems and issues into a relationship.
If you have however well laid plans for succes in your work and/or your
financies and they still never seem to be realised; if there always seem to be
some kind of obstacle turning up to make the whole thing fall through you also
have a destructive pattern forbidding you to achieve what you want.
Many people has both of these two patterns and therefore won´t allow themselves
sucess neither in their work nor in their personal lifes.
If this is the case it´s easily done, if you may have both or only one of
these patterns, to regard yourself as the victim of circumstances. That is
about the most dangerous and destructive thing you can do to yourself!