How I work

I always take time to talk you both before and after the healing sessions. To
listen to the things that bothers you and the conclusions you made, to point
out what to work on in this particular session and to discuss whatever has been
going on since the last one.
If you have an audition, exam, test or interview I point out ways to get the
role or job or get a top result.
(And I light candles for your purpose every day until it´s being forfilled.)
During the healing session I always listen very intensely to what you and your
body has to tell me. If your body wants me to concentrate on a patricular spot
or problem I will never contradict, as the purpose is to get it to trust me enough to get results.
I also never ever stay with my hands on you longer than your body wants me to.
During the sessions I´m used to people laughing, crying, screaming or coughing
their lungs doesn´t matter what, as long as you literary let go off
whatever has been accumulated in your body and what your body wants to get rid off.
After the session you rest for a while, then we talk about what had happened
during the session and what you need to be work on until next time.
The results are very dependent not only on how well you listen to me during the
sessions, but also on how much work you put in in between the sessions and how
often we work together!
The more work you do by yourself,  under my guidance and provided we have
sessions on regular basis, the faster you will notice the results.
I am not a fairy with a wand in hand- this is hard work...and not much fun, at
all, but I can promise you one thing : it´s worth it!
If you are ready to make important and lasting changes for the better in your
life, to put in hard work and to be open to new ways of thinking and to a
number of insights that may initially not make you jump for joy, then you´re
ready to come to me. Lets get to work together, every step of the way!
But if you´re looking for instant miracles I must urge you to think again. There
is no such thing, unless you want to become a doped up zombie. And if you´re
looking for the lovely (but temporary) boost you get after a non-committed
healing session you should go and find another healer.
I am based in Sweden and I give private healing and coaching sessions, as well
as holding workshops, but I don´t just work in Sweden - far from it - and since
much of my work is done by distance, geography isn´t any problem at all.
To attempt to reach some kind of conclusion : the most important relationship
you must nurture in your life is the one with yourself!
When you´re unable to love, or even accept, yourself, you´re unable give and,
most of all, allow yourself to receive love from anyone else!there may be
someone standing next to you, loving their brains out, but you will never trust
or accept their love completely. If you constantly judge yourself, dwell over
past failures or allow fear to rule your life you´ll never find the self-love
you, and we all, need to ensure to ourselves.
Well-met and welcome.