About the work

Do you constantly attract people who appear to do nothing but use and abuse you?

Are you battling with insecurity and that feeling of not being worthy of having a good life?

Do fears, logical or not, prevent you from doing the things you want to do?


All poignant questions, I know, and, believe me, I don´t ask them to make you
feel bad (or worse) I ask these questions because I´m a healer (more accurately
a body therapist, but more of that below), a life-coach and an author.
Those are the most frequent questions people bring people to me, and those were
the questions that brought me to the Body Therapy training many years ago.
Especially when I realised that traditional therapy is an excellent way to
pinpoint the problems you personally own, but, as a matter of fact, is
absolutely worthless when it comes to liberating yourself from the problems you
are by now so accutely and painfully aware of.
So how to solve the sitaution after having gone through traditional therapy and
finding yourself standing there having absolutely no idea what to do?
Well, some try to repress their new-found knowledge, an excellent way to
attract heart attacks or strokes. Some turn, in their despair, to
antidepressives, possibly a temporary release but absolutly worthless as a long
term solution...the only thing you achieve by taking them is a transformation
into a doped up zombie and whatever problems you had as you began taking those
pills are still going to be with you when you stop eating them; the pills
themselves solves squat of your problems! Others, like myself, turn to
alternative methods when the traditional therapy and the medicine failed us