Nina Ekman

Lifecoach and healer




First of all, so sorry for the noaction in here, I´ve been way to busy lately.


Instead of answering each end every comment I´ll just make a summarize.

First of all, I know and understand how annoying it is that your comments won´t show when you post them! It´s because I have to approve them before publishing. As I said, very annoying, but that´s how I have to run this site.


This is not a blog, it´s a site who explains how I work and although there will be published new stuff and links, it won´t be on a regular basis.

(Oh well, I´m pretty sure that you all already have picked up on that titbit. :D ).


I´m very glad about all these positive comments, thank you so much for your kind words!

However, no you can´t publish my articles neither in full nor in parts on your own sites!

You can always link to my site and there is a function in here where you can email an article to a friend, feel free to use these two things, but that´s it.

Same goes for quations, you can quote me, but either turn the quote into a link or insert the siteadress after the quote.


Some has wondered why I don´t write a book or books. I have and I do but (so far) in swedish.


For those who wondered how to communicate with me, there is a button for "contact" and although I haven´t been in here as much as I should, I do check my mail...


I´ve had many comments and questions about the design and functions in here.

This site is custom made for me, by Joe Toroczkay, I have no clue about which tools and programes he used, the only thing I know is that I love the looks of it and that he´s enabled me to manage it in a really easy way.


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